My second watch, which I presented earlier this year is the “Shield” watch. The idea for creating this watch came to me while studying the culture of ancient Rome and Greece. So once again, while reading a book about ancient Greek culture, I saw on one of the pages an image of a shield. Made of bronze, decorated with various metal inserts, he really impressed me and the idea immediately came to my mind: “What if to make the shield a central element of the watch design?”. In the process, I quickly realized that the shield cannot be an element of the dial or caseback, because in accordance with the original idea, it should be at the center of design and composition as a whole. Then I decided to take the shield out and insert it into the glass. Then after the idea was outlined, I started working on the details. This is a one-hand watch, but despite the absence of a minute hand, it is quite accurate to keep the time. So the short end of the hand indicates the current hour, while the other, longer end of the hand indicates ten-minute intervals. The lack of a visible hand attachment point creates the feeling that the hand is floating in the air, to create such an effect was one of the main tasks in this project. I decided to make the ends of the hand lance shaped, because the idea of a shield evokes thoughts of bravery, courage and battles. Hour marks and hand is polished by hand. On the dial itself, I installed a track with the marking of ten-minute intervals, the track is made out of steel with engraved and hand painted ten-minute track. The watch also features a handmade crocodile leather strap, the buckle is also made by hand.
Diameter: 44mm
Height: 11mm
Material: 316L stainless steel
Water resistance: 30m
Glass: sapphire
Movement: ETA 6498 high grade version with Geneva stripes and blued screws
Functions: hours, ten-minute intervals
Winding: hand-wound
Jewels: 17
Frequency: 18000 VPH
Power reserve: 52 hours
Strap: handmade crocodile leather strap with handmade buckle.